When/why did you start doing crossfit?

I started doing Crossfit in August of 2013.  I was working out at the YMCA on Gezon, and I had been there for about three years, I kept seeing Crossfit articles in the Weightlifting magazines.  I would use the magazines for finding new workout routines and exercises to do because I was getting extremely bored with my own workouts.  Ultimately I found CFGR through a google search and have never looked back.

What do you like about Crossfit?

I really love everything about Crossfit. I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, I basically have tried to drown myself in it!!  I enjoy that the workouts are programmed for me.  I love the constantly varied aspect of those workouts.  There are days when I don’t want to do a movement, or the workout calls for a movement I am not very good at, but I am still expected to give it everything I have on that day.

What are you overall feelings about health and fitness?  

Before I started working out I thought I felt fine.  I had some back pain but I was pushing 40 at the time, and I thought it was just a normal part of growing older.  Until I got into shape, I didn’t realize how bad I actually felt back then.  Health and fitness is attainable to anyone, at any time, provided they are willing to work for it.  Being healthy and fit will change your life for the better, but as with any change, you have to want it and go out there and get it.  It won’t happen overnight but it will happen!


What do you like best about CFGR/why did you pick CFGR?

Honestly, I choose CFGR because it was close to my house and it had the best prices in Grand Rapids.  I stayed because of the coaching and the people.  I have told a few people this in the past, ‘I can get Crossfit anywhere, I can only get Sam at CFGR’.  Sam was a crucial part of my decision making process.  Not only is Sam one of the best coaches around, he is an even better person.  We all need as many wonderful people in our lives as we can and with Sam, and this community he has built, I am surrounded by wonderful people everyday!

What tip would you give to someone who is considering starting at CFGR?

The one tip I would give is to have a goal.  A goal is crucial to work towards and helps you keep your eye on the prize.  My first fitness goal was to do a Tough Mudder!  I was able to accomplish that goal and it felt wonderful to knock that off of my list!

Favorite benchmark and/or lift and/or crossfit exercise?

For a benchmark workout, I really like Grace (30 Clean and Jerks at 135lbs).  Not sure why, so please don’t ask.  For a lift, snatch is by far my most favorite.  Oddly enough, the clean is my least favorite!  I will let a Psychologist figure that one out.  My favorite exercise is between butterfly pull-ups and ring muscle-ups.  Not really sure which at this point.

Favorite moment at CFGR?

The best experience has to be the 2014 Crossfit Open, my first.  Brandon/Brandy would bring in a TV and an iPad on Thursday night.  A bunch of us would get together at the box and watch the announcements together.  People were coming in to do these workouts outside of the normal class times.  Everyone was discussing strategy.  The energy in the building was amazing.  It was just a great experience all around.