When/why did you start doing crossfit?

I started Crossfit 4 1/2 years ago because I wanted something more than what I got out of working out at a regular gym. It became rather boring and monotonous.  I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and I wanted something to a. Fill that competitive void and b. Something that was challenging and different.

What do you like about crossfit?

I like everything about it. It's more than just working out its a lifestyle. Just try it for a couple months and you will know what I'm talking about.

What are you overall feelings about health and fitness?  

To me being "healthy" is more than working out every day or eating clean all week. It consists of physical health, mental health, spiritual, emotional and social health. CrossFit checks all those boxes for me. It's Physically demanding, can be emotionally uplifting or taxing, pushes your mental capacity, helps you understand how your body works and what it is capable of doing and the best part...you get to workout with your best friends every day!


What do you like best about CFGR/why did you pick CFGR?

I love the community at CFGR. I love that I have friends that are all different ages!

What tip would you give to someone who is considering starting at CFGR?

Baby steps. Listen to your body. With any new exercise regime your body will have minor aches and pains. But if you stick with Crossfit you will not only see physical results but you will gain so much more! Just wait.

Favorite benchmark and/or lift and/or crossfit exercise?


Favorite moment at CFGR?

I don't have a specific memory because my favorite "memories" happen every day. I love seeing a bunch of people, different ages, backgrounds, sizes shapes, etc. come together and not only workout together but also build each other up.

I love looking around at everyone before the coach yells "3-2-1 go!"