When/why did you start doing Crossfit?

I started doing crossfit about 4 years ago when I was looking for a new challenge. I had just started graduate school and was no longer playing collegiate sports and missed the competition and the grind. That and my obsession with oreos was getting the best of me. Crossfit filled the void.

What do you like about Crossfit?

I like Crossfit because I'm constantly challenged. There is always something that I need to improve on. I will never master it all. I come into the gym, work my butt off and make gains and know that when I come back tomorrow I'll have a new goal to reach.

What are you overall feelings about health and fitness?  

I like to be happy. And I find that the healthier I feel and the fitter I become the happier I am. It is your choice. Control your health and fitness.


What do you like best about CFGR/why did you pick CFGR?

Originally I picked CFGR for its reasonable price and location but I've stayed because you can't beat the laid back atmosphere and judge free zone that the gym provides.

What tip would you give to someone who is considering starting at CFGR?

Just try it and keep an open mind. It is always scary to try new things, especially when you don't think you'll be good at it. But the feeling you get when you master a movement or hit a PR, the elation you feel is unmeasurable.

Favorite benchmark and/or lift and/or Crossfit exercise?

My favorite Crossfit exercise would be cleans. With a background in soccer, basketball and ice hockey my legs have been my assets.

Favorite moment at CFGR?

Hitting my first strict pull up. I've never been gifted in upper body strength and I still have to be diligent with my training. But i will certainly never forget when I know longer had to use bands to assist in my pull ups.