When/why did you start doing crossfit?

March/April of 2012. I had heard of crossfit from co-worker/friend Carrie Graveel whose father in law was trying to get her involved at the time. We started doing workout’s that he would make up for us until we decided to make it official and check out CFGR. I was hooked after my first beginner class.

What do you like about crossfit?

I love the variety and the never ending challenge. The work outs are ever changing and once I reach one goal, I have already made a dozen more to keep aiming for. It’s addicting.

What are you overall feelings about health and fitness?  

I feel that part of living a healthy life style is maintaining a level of fitness that both challenges and excites you. It is easy to be intimidated when it comes to fitness and hard to know where to even begin for some people. You should feel some level of excitement in the workouts that you do or you just aren’t going to make the time to do them.


What do you like best about CFGR/why did you pick CFGR?

I am at CFGR for the coaching and the community. I feel good about the workouts we do and am happy with the progress I see within myself and other.

What tip would you give to someone who is considering starting at CFGR?

I Constantly hear people say they would like to give it a try but feel they need to get into better shape first before they start, this is where you go and what you do to get into better shape, so you just HAVE to start!

Favorite benchmark and/or lift and/or crossfit exercise?

Pre-knee surgery, I would have said pistols but I may have to go with HSPU for skills. Of course my favorite lift is the snatch for obvious reasons.

Favorite moment at CFGR?

There really isn’t one moment that stands out but there are many that come to mind. Most all of them include someone achieving something for the first time, they have this triumphant look on their face that just sticks with you, it’s an awesome thing to see .