When/why did you start doing crossfit?

I began crossfit mid 2012 after being introduced to it through our training program at GVSU and from watching the games on ESPN. Started doing workouts from the main site at the university gym but soon realized that scaling every movement of almost every workout was too difficult. Thus, my search for an affordable, close gym to school began, bringing me to CFGR.

What do you like about crossfit?

Honestly, there’s not much I don’t like about crossfit. Specifically the camaraderie, variety of the workouts, difficulty in general, and overall outlook of the sport. The void that I felt after my collegiate sports career ended was soon filled by the fun and competitive nature of crossfit.  

What are you overall feelings about health and fitness?

Health and fitness play a leading role in the way I live my life. Growing up with an athletic background, my entire upbringing has been focused around being healthy. Most recently, nutrition has become an extremely large interest for me, especially when it comes to how nutrition can enhance your physical abilities.


What do you like best about CFGR/why did you pick CFGR?

I started my crossfit adventure at CFGR because of their reasonable prices and the friendly fun atmosphere.

What tip would you give to someone who is considering starting at CFGR?

Don’t be intimidated by the volume (noise) of the workouts, or by the amount of noise coming from the athletes as they struggle to finish a WOD. Dive in, because I seldom hear of a member leaving because they don’t enjoy the workouts or atmosphere.

Favorite benchmark and/or lift and/or crossfit exercise?

Being a larger crossfit athlete, I tend to enjoy anything that involves moving heavy weight fast, for short periods of time. For example, clean and jerking, snatch, and deadlifts. But, recently I have really enjoyed throwing muscle ups into workouts, especially in coordination with heavy weight movements.

Favorite moment at CFGR?

One moment that will always stick with me is when I completed my first muscle up. Something that you work so hard at for such a long time feels incredible to complete, especially with the whole gym cheering you on. Another thing that really sticks out to me is the amount of athletes that showed up at the GR Crossfit Games to cheer on Sam, Scott and I as we competed for CFGR. The support that the members showed for us was incredible, and I can’t thank everybody enough for helping so much with that day.