Friday - Valentines Day WOD


Work up to a 1RM Power Clean 12min



Work out 1 - "First Date" 8min AMRAP Partner

Partners may split up reps as they want.

10 Push press 115/85

12 T2B

16 Squat


2min rest

Work out 2 - 8min AMRAP "Morning After"  Partner

Do as many rounds of that minutes reps as you can do in each minute.

Partners can not break up repetitions, each member must complete the number of reps that corresponds to that minute.

For example in the 6th minute Jane must do all 6 deadlift then all 6 Burpees then Jill will do all 6 deadlift and then all 6 burpee .

1st Minute - 1 deadlift 225/135  1 Burpee

2nd Minute - 2 deadlift 2 Burpee ............

8th minute - 8 deadlift 8 burpees