Hand Standing



Nutrition Challenge kick off Seminar this Saturday at 11:45am. All are welcome. You can still participate in the Challenge with out attending the kick off. Sign up for the challenge in the office or by emailing Sam. 

Everybody did a great job remembering to sign into class yesterday keep it up. 

Beach WOD is July 19th at 3pm. There will be swimming involved in the WOD but scaling is always an option. Cook out/pot luck to follow WOD. Sign up in the office. On the sign in sheet please indicate what you are bringing. 



EMOTM 14min

Odd - 25sec Hand stand hold 

Even- 2 handstand walk around box w/feet on the box 



100 DU 

80 push up

60 Weighted sit up 25/10

40 DU

20 push up

10 weighted sit up 25/10