Strength in Activity

Strength in Activity

If you didn't know is our gyms unofficial motto "Motu Viget" which I got from the city of Grand Rapids. Motu Viget translates to Strength in Activity.

It’s become very clear to me that activity can cure almost anything. Having a bad day at work, go work out. Feeling insecure about something, go work out. Your kids are driving you nuts, go work out. It’s 9pm and you didn’t work out today and you’re feeling guilty, go work out. 

I use “work out” to answer all those problems listed above but being active doesn't mean you need to do a work out. It can be shoveling your drive way when you have a perfectly good snow blower, going for a walk with your dog, hunting, biking, play a recreational sport, skiing, ruck marching or just go outside and playing with your kids.

Finding a way to be active at least once a day in my opinion is the best way to pre-hab your self from stress, sickness, boredom or depression. The biggest push back or excuse I get is that “I don’t have time” you know what that’s a bull shit answer.

Every single person has 8 minutes out of there day to do a 8 minute AMRAP of Burpees or an 8 minute AMRAP of Lunges and Push ups, yeah an 8 minute AMRAP of Burpees sounds horrible but who cares and guess what? An 8 minutes of Burpees sounds better then your excuse that “you don’t have time”.

If time is your excuse is "I don't have time", how about you wake up 30min early everyday so you could go for jog before you have to go to work and before your kids and spouse get up. Guess what? Just make time. Don’t think about it just do it you don’t need a magic pill, some special motivation or some crazy plan……..just go do it. I challenge everyone be active everyday for one month and tell me you don't feel better. To restate you don't have to work out everyday for a month. Just make sure on days you don't work out you go out and be active and have fun.

And lastly but probably most importantly change your mind set about being active. Don't think to yourself "oh crap I have to work out today" instead think " I get to be active/work out today"! You don't have to be active you have an opportunity to improve your life. It makes me laugh when people complain about a work out. If you're complaining about how physically tiring a voluntary 20 minute work out is then you have a pretty awesome life. So be thankful you have the opportunity to be active and work out and enjoy it.