Boot Camp Classes

This is a deal we running for our Boot Camp classes. The Boot Camp classes IS NOT a Crossfit class and WILL NOT be ran like a Crossfit class.  A Boot camp class is a combination of cardio, strength, muscular endurance, core, and flexibility. Barbells and heavy weights will not be used. This class will consist of a warm-up, workout(s), and a cool down/stretching session.  Each class will be different and designed to keep you sweating! There are no foundation classes for Boot camp class. These classes have a fun and friendly environment. If you are interested or know someone who is interested this is a great opportunity to try the class at a discounted rate. Click the picture above to purchase. 



4 x 

10 Band Face Pull w/ external rotation

10 Rear Delt Flye

10 Lateral Raises 


WOD: "Astronaut"


400 DU  

- Every 1:30min do 3 Dumbbell Squat Clean Thruster 

Dyslexic Diane


I'm going to start posting these "Daily Cup of CrossFit Grand Rapids" segments, hopefully daily. I took the idea of posting these drills from a Krav Maga instructor in GR who posts drills or techniques daily. The first installment of Daily Cup of CrossFit Grand Rapids is a running drill I created with Chad Dunlap's help. I call it the banded hamstring pull. This drill works on activating the hamstrings, proper positioning of the knee, foot and ankle during running. It's also a great way to reinforce good movement patterns and proper positioning while not actually running. Try doing 2 x 10 on each leg before you run next.



(WOD First)

18min Time cap 

WOD: Dyslexic Diane 


Deadlift 225/135




Weighted Strict Chin up