No 6pm last tonight.

No Class Saturday  

Monday only the 10am "Murph" WOD with cookout afterwards.

Remember to wear your best Red, White and Blue attire to the murph WOD. We encourage everyone to bring your family and friends to watch and count reps for you.  


WOD: Partner WOD

-10 laps around building (1mile) - partners switch every lap(200m)

-Partner "DT"10 rounds total alternating rounds between partners (5 each)

12 deadlift 155/105

9 hang power clean 

6 push jerk 

-300 DU -switching every 50 DU




Here's a blog post from Coach Tully on enjoying your fitness journey.


KB Snatch 

Work up to a heavy 5 on each arm 




60 wall ball 20/14

50 Floor press 115/80

40 SDHP 115/80

30 wall ball

20 floor press

10 SDHP 

Look at Marc's triceps. GAINZ!

Look at Marc's triceps. GAINZ!

Monday - Bring a Friend to class day.


Every Monday and Saturday in the month of May is bring a friend to class day. Every time you bring a friend to class in May you get closer to winning a free month membership or a speciality class punch card.



1RM Back squat 




Wall ball 20/14

Box jump 

- EMOTM 5 push up 


Here's a blog post from Coach Ryan. 

The Ease of Health


; A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

I find myself sitting and talking with friends, coworkers, and other athletes a lot about the ease of being healthy and “in shape”. Unfortunately for some, the concept of living a healthy lifestyle does not come as easy to some as it does to others. With this blurp of a rant, I want to tackle the concepts I find most important when it comes to living a healthy and balanced life.

The reason I have been infatuated with this word is because it encapsulates my entire outlook on this topic with just one word. Of course, at 23 years old (almost 24 for all you haters out there), I like to have my fair share of beverages and burgers. This also comes with a short supply of sleep every once in a while, as well as a lingering headache the next day. But, who doesn’t like to have a night out with friends? A couple glasses of wine with a loved one? A scoop of ice cream (or four) with the family and kids? Who is to say you can’tenjoy these fun times while also maintaining and balancing a healthy lifestyle? I find a lot of the time that people just starting out on their journey of health and fitness will take on too much at one time. They go strict paleo, zero sugar, no carbs, no alcohol, cardio every day, or whatever “craze” is the next hot thing to dive into. Then, no more than two weeks down the road, they find that these irrational changes are too hard to maintain, and before you know it, fall back into the same routine they were in before. Eat whole foods people! It’s not that difficult. Seriously. A quality diet focused on good proteins, high amounts of vegtatables and fruit, quality carbohydrates eaten in moderation, and little sugar will be way more beneficial and easily sustainable than being atkins/carb-free/fun-less/”if it fits your macros/whole-# for the rest of your life. Do something active at least 3 times per week (I hear Crossfit Grand Rapids works pretty well….), eat a whole foods based diet, and you will be all set. I promise.

WAIT! Before I promise this, you have to know one last thing. This will not all happen in a weeks-time. Probably not even a months-time (there will be many benefits and changes along the way, but Rich Froning didn’t get his abs in one month!). BE PATIENT! This process of health and fitness is a lifelong journey! You should not view your eat habits as a “diet”, or something temporary. These changes are to be sustainable and easily maintained for the rest of your life. Balance these changes and healthy additions and you will feel better, live better, and perform better. That’s my promise.


Student and Teacher Summer Deal!


Attention Students and Teachers: are you looking to get fit or stay in shape over the summer? CFGR is offering you a great summer deal.  This summer Students and Teachers get your four foundation classes and a 3 month unlimited membership for only $200. This deal is over a 25% savings for Students and a over a 50% savings for Teachers. This is only for non-current members and is only available for purchase from May 1 thru June 15.