Nutrition Program


Lauren has come up with an  awesome Nutrition program spread sheet that is programmable to your individual goals and life style. We plan on releasing the Nutrition program very soon, stay tuned for  more details. 

Yobility tonight at 7pm. 

Tomorrow(July 2nd) is bring your kid to Work.....out day. Bring your son or daughter to any class. 



DB wood chop

4 x 10 on each side 




DB thruster 

C2B Pull up 



Row, Run and Swing

Class info:

The Endurance Class is moving from 7pm on Thursday to 6pm on Thursday. Stay tuned for more info about the Endurance class starting it's training cycle in preparation for the Reeds Lake Triathlon. 


For the Holiday weekend there's no regular classes or foundation class this Saturday(4th of July). 



For quality 

50 Ring Push up 

-every time you break 10 V-ups



4min ME Row cal

1min rest 

4min Run laps around building 

1min rest 

4min ME KB swings 55/35


Barbell break up


We won't be using any barbells this week in the WOD's. We'll be doing some different movements this week in place of the regular barbell movements.  I hope you like this weeks constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. 



DB Split Squat

4 x 8  (on each leg)



Buy in- 30 Med ball cleans 

4 RFT 

12 T2B

12 box jump 24/20

Cash out - 30 wall ball 20/14

Congrats to Lisa and Ryan! 

Congrats to Lisa and Ryan!