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What is the best experience you've had at CFGR?

Tully Chapman

Tully Chapman

I can’t point to a single experience at CFGR as being the best one. It’s just been a great experience day after day. I always enjoy coming to work out, and I always leave exhausted, but with a smile. - Mark V.


My first WOD was awesome. I walked in a little nervous because I'd never done anything quite like it before, but I walked out extremely excited about what I'd just accomplished. I felt like I was on top of the world, and I have not looked back since. - Megan C.


The way how I am encouraged to do better each time I attend classes by each of the coaches. - Vanessa P.


Meeting so many individuals dedicated to physical fitness and encouraging as well. - Kevin T.


The best experience was competing in Babes & Bro's these past 2 years.  It's an overall great experience, pushing yourself to the limit when you are completely exhausted, having my brother (Alan) as my partner, cheering other teams on as they proud to be able to be apart of such a great event!! - Leigha D.


My best experience at CFGR would be memorial day Murph. I truly felt what a community should be like. Everyone got together in honor of our fallen soldiers. To do a wod, grill, and laugh together. That's what I call family. - Brandon H.

I can't nail it down to one thing. It's the weekly/daily improvement I see in my physical fitness. Whether a PR on a WOD, snatch, squat, etc. it changes and improves the more time I spend there. - Marc H.


My best experience was day one coming to CFGR, being I was coming from another box I was worried about how I would fit in, and everyone was welcoming and it was like I've been a member for a long time. This experience made me feel at home and knew I would be apart of the community for a long time. - Zach G.


My best experience would probably be doing the Memorial Day Murph. Being able to see the whole gym, and even people from outside the gym just dropping in, come together to honor and remember the sacrifice that so many have made since the beginning of this country to me is amazing. That so many people would spend 45min to over an hour in a grueling workout in the heat of the summer to shed some sweat in honor of those who have sacrificed so much is a true testament to the culture of not only CrossFit but the community of CFGR. - Steven B.


I love CFGR's workouts. Each workout is well thought out and created to meet a specific objective. It's clear each day's WOD is constructed with careful consideration for both past and future WODs. - Tim D.


The best experience has to be the 2014 Crossfit Open, my first.  Brandon/Brandy would bring in a TV and an iPad on Thursday night.  A bunch of us would get together at the box and watch the announcements together.  People were coming in to do these workouts outside of the normal class times.  Everyone was discussing strategy.  The energy in the building was amazing.  It was just a great experience all around. - Chad D.


Participating in the box crawl in 2014, where you “competed” individually, but you rooted for your box members and felt like part of a team. There was such a great sense of camaraderie between all the Crossfitters in the area. Another great experience was coming to the box while recovering from my injuries earlier this year. I would have gone crazy without being able to do scaled workouts and having everyone at CFGR providing distraction from what could have been a miserable few months. - Nikki K.


I helped as a judge at one of our in-house competitions and it was incredible. It solidified the entire crossfit experience for me. People worked out hard, community was strong, and I felt a part of something and in the end, whoever came in first or last all celebrated. Despite the fact that it was a competition, it was also a celebration of what we love to do. - Chris M.


The best time I have had so far would be the Murph WOD we do as a team.  It is a great time to have to whole box there pushing each other to the very last rep.  Then laughing and hanging out together at the cookout is wonderful. - Johnathan F.


I have had so many good experiences that it is hard to pick just one.  Probably the best thing though is the number of friends I have made in CFGR.  I did not know anybody there when I started going, and now I am happy to say that I can call so many of those people my friend.  Whenever I show up there are a bunch of faces I am happy to see and a bunch of faces that I know are happy to see me. - Andy F.

How would you describe CFGR to a prospective athlete?

CFGR is a place to meet other people that are serious about improving their health, strength, and mobility. It’s a supportive environment that will help you progress toward your goals no matter where you start. I’ve received excellent coaching that has allowed me to improve almost everything about the way my body performs. - Mark V.


The box is extremely welcoming. It works for everyone, regardless of age or ability, and there are some fantastic people within the CFGR community. Additionally, the variety of the workouts makes it very fun and enjoyable. There is never a dull moment. - Megan C.


The community is nonjudgmental and meets you in whatever stage or level of fitness you might be at the time of joining. - Vanessa P.


A great place to work out with a daily challenge. - Kevin T.



I describe CFGR as a fun, yet intense workout!! I tell people that in my 2 years, I have yet to do the same workout, unless its a benchmark.  I love the variety in the workouts, the people/friends, the coaches, and the overall environment!!!  CrossFit can be intimidating, but you work through it.  You seriously need to leave your ego at the door and just do it!!   I use to look up every workout, YouTube every skill before the workout, look to Sam to help me with my weights and I use to be so nervous before every workout.  Now, I don't even look at the workout prior to class, I lift what I can and make sure that I get a good workout in.  Make it your workout, you can modify each workout to what works for you. - Leigha D.


I would describe CFGR as the place for everyone to get good at everything pertaining to fitness and sports. Also the people are badass too. - Brandon H.


If you want to become the best physical version of yourself, join CFGR. If you want a community that makes you want to keep pushing that better version to the next level, join CFGR. - Marc H.


It has a healthy, inviting community unlike anything I've been apart of before, where you can learn, ask questions and workout with people who will become your best friends. - Zach G.


Christian Montesinos

Christian Montesinos

I would describe it as the best place to go to become a better version of you. The coaching staff is knowledgeable, friendly, passionate, and meticulous about making sure you are getting the best experience out of every workout. The programming is top notch and is easily scaled to fit all skill levels and adapt to any form of pre-existing injury or medical condition. The other members are extremely friendly and are quick to include you as if you had been going there since the beginning. CFGR isn't just another gym or box, its a family and community built around helping you achieve your goals and help make you a better than you were the day before. - Steven B.


The coaching, the exercise explanations, and the personal attention given at CFGR far out value the money paid. - Tim D.


It is difficult to express CFGR to a prospective athlete.  The best way to explain CFGR is to get them in the front door and let them see the community and what we do.  Once they see the different fitness levels and varied backgrounds of the members, it can really sell itself.  It is always great to see someone come for a Saturday Bring your Friend workout and then see them at foundations the next week. - Chad D.


CFGR is a place where you can focus your energy somewhere beyond your everyday stresses. You challenge yourself on a daily basis and still somehow manage to have fun with other members and create strong friendships in the community. - Nikki K.


Crossfit is intense. It pushes you to some extreme limits that you never thought your body could get to or get through, but in all honesty, that is the most amazing and rewarding part. For starters, anyone can do it. As I said above, I was never someone athletic AT ALL and I struggled simply holding a barbell while the guy next to me threw 200 lbs. over his head without a problem. But you just keep going and keep working at it. You will get the results you want, you just have to work for it. It also helps to make some friends along the way who support you. That’s more empowering than staring at a wall while jogging on a treadmill. You get fit, you have fun, you socialize and motivate each other. - Chris M.


CFGR is a place where friends are made, goals are set and accomplished, training and learning happen daily, you always improve, and where you find the courage to turn yourself into the person you have always wanted to be. - Johnathan F.


The best-hardest-funnest workout you will ever have.  CFGR is filled with friendly, helpful people that are there for the same reason you are: to get/keep healthy in safe and fun environment.  Every day is something different, so if you don’t do so good at something one day or don’t have a good workout, come the next day and you’ll do something else, and maybe you’ll be great at it and have the best workout of your life.  I never get bored at CFGR or with Crossfit in general, because there is so much variety. - Andy F.